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Trump news – latest: Trump wants US taxpayers to pay half Mar-a-Lago special master costs as nominees submitted to judge

Donald Trump pays tribute to ‘extraordinary’ Queen Elizabeth II

In a legal filing regarding the appointment of a special master to review the Mar-a-Lago papers uncovered in the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Florida home, it transpires that the former president wants half the costs paid for by the US taxpayer. The Department of Justice would like Mr Trump to cover the appointee’s compensation. Both sides have submitted two names as nominees to fill the role.

Meanwhile, a Florida federal judge has tossed out the wide-ranging lawsuit the ex-president filed against Hillary Clinton and a host of other figures associated with the investigation into whether his presidential campaign had improper ties to the Russian government.

In other legal trouble, the fallout continues in a case where New York prosecutors allege We Build the Wall Inc, a nonprofit that aimed to fund Mr Trump’s signature border wall, ripped off its donors. Trump advisor Steve Bannon has been hit with money laundering and fraud charges.

Mr Trump has added his voice with those mourning Queen Elizabeth II. He told British broadcasters he and the Queen had “great chemistry” and that she liked all of her prime ministers.


Biden lays wreath at the Pentagon to mark 9/11

Joe Biden has marked the 21st anniversary of 9/11 by laying a wreath at the Pentagon.

Mr Biden attended the solemn service in steady rain in Washington DC, and is expected to deliver remarks soon after 9am.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Mr Biden planned to recognize the impact the 2001 attacks had on the US and the world and honor the nearly 3,000 people killed that day in his remarks.


Biden lays wreath at Pentagon on 9/11 anniversary


Train Trump aid claims ex-president carried secret documents in jacket pocket

A former White House press secretary claimed seeing Donald Trump carry sensitive records in his jacket pocket during his presidency.

Alleging mishandling of classified documents, Stephanie Grisham told USA Today that he would put some of the presidential records in his jacket pocket in the presence of staffers who did not have security clearance to see them.

“I saw him mishandle presidential records” a lot, she told the outlet, adding that Mr Trump did so in front of officials without clearance to see them and he either did not care or had no idea about the potential national security threat posed by the documents.


Trump wants half special master costs paid for by taxpayers

The Department of Justice wants Donald Trump to pay for the special master assigned to review the documents seized during the FBI’s search of his Palm Beach home, but the former president insists that the American taxpayer should cover half the costs.


‘There was nobody like her!’: How Trump reacted to the Queen’s death

Donald Trump “truthed” his reaction to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on Thursday, minutes after the news was announced by Buckingham Palace.

The former president, who met the Queen in 2019, commented on the Queen’s “generous friendship, great wisdom, and wonderful sense of humor”, adding that she was a “beautiful lady”.

John Bowden followed the president’s tributes to the Queen.


US appeals ruling on Mar-a-Lago special master

The Justice Department is appealing a judge’s decision to name an independent arbiter to review records seized by the FBI from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday granted the Trump team’s request for a so-called special master and temporarily blocked the Justice Department from using for investigative purposes the thousands of records taken from Mar-a-Lago during the Aug. 8 searches.

That order has the likely impact of slowing the pace of the investigation into the presence of classified documents at the Florida property.


What did the Queen tell Trump about her prime ministers?

Donald Trump has revealed what Queen Elizabeth II told him about all the prime ministers who served under her.

Writing for DailyMail.comthe former president spoke of the Queen’s grace, charm and nobility, and how she “fully exemplified the traits of dignity, steadfastness, resolve, duty, and patriotic devotion”.


Ex-Trump helps Stephen Miller subpoenaed in DoJ probe

Former Trump administration official Stephen Miller has been subpoenaed as part of a broadening Department of Justice investigation into the January 6 riots.

Mr Miller was one of 12 people associated with the former president to receive subpoenas this week to appear before a federal grand jury, the New York Times reported.

Bevan Hurley has the latest.


What’s the one thing Hillary Clinton would ask Melania Trump?

Hillary Clinton gave a stinging response when asked on a TV show what one question would she like to ask Melania Trump.

The former secretary of state appeared on Cohen’s Bravo show Watch What Happens Live with her daughter Chelsea Clinton to promote their Apple TV show Gutsy.

Graeme Massie reports on how Mrs. Clinton answered the question.


Trump claims he and Queen ‘talked all night long’ during UK trip

Donald Trump spoke with British broadcaster Nigel Farage to share more of his thoughts about Queen Elizabeth II, whom he called an “extraordinary woman” that he had “good chemistry” with.

“Well it is a sad day. It’s sad all over the world,” said the former president when asked by Mr Farage on GB News on Thursday night what his immediate impressions were upon learning of the monarch’s passing. “She was a woman that was extraordinary…. she did it so long so well,” he added, noting that “she never made any mistakes.”

Mr Farage specifically brought up the time when the former president met with the Queen in 2019 and asked what he remembered from that well-documented meeting.

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