Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Russia ‘loses 40th high-ranking officer’ in Ukraine


ussia is reported to have lost its 40th high-ranking officer as the invasion of Ukraine reaches its 50th day.

Lt Col Denis Mezhuev, commander of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Sevastopol Red Banner regiment, died in battle, according to reports from both Russia and Ukraine.

Details were not given, and nor was there official Russian confirmation of the Ukrainian claim, but patriotic Russian poet Andrey Kovalev called for Mezhuev to be awarded Russia’s top honor posthumously.

Lt Col Denis Mezhuev

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Lt Col Denis Mezhuev

/ social media / East2west News

“For his deed he is worthy of the title of Hero of Russia,” he posted.

Another account of his death on VK social media said: “His son can be proud of his dad.”

Ukraine says Russia has now lost a total of seven generals and 33 colonels in the war.

The scale of the high ranking death toll defies Vladimir Putin’s claim that his “special military operation” is going according to plan.

The overall Russian losses, since the war began on February 24, are believed to number about 20,000 – but Moscow has refused to give accurate figures.

A day earlier, surrendering Ukrainian forces in Mariupol reportedly led Russian servicemen to the body of a slain Russian general.

The Russians retrieved the body of Major General Oleg Mityaev, 47, commander of the army’s 150th motorized rifle division, according to sources.

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