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Program Noor PV II: voici les quatre entreprises retenues pour la première phase

By Amine Kadiri on 04/18/2022 at 3:38 p.m.

Dans le cadre de l’Appel d’offres relatif au program solaire Noor PV II, d’une puissance de 400 MW, l’Agence marocaine pour l’énergie solaire (Masen) a procédé à l’attribution de 13 lots (sur les 14 that compte the program), distributed over 7 sites for a total capacity of 333 MW. Voici les entreprises retaines.


The multi-site solar program Noor Photovoltaïque II (Noor PV II) is finally on the rails. Suite à l’appel à projets launched by Masen et le ministère de l’énergie in 2021, les lots relatifs à la phase 1 de ce program ont été attribués. In total, 13 lots (over the 14 of the plan), distributed over 7 sites for a total capacity of 333 MW, on which there are eight companies.

The announcement of retentions marks also the effective launch of the first phase of the Noor PV II programme, which includes the construction of 7 of 14 projects.

Taqa Maroc, Moroccan producer of subsidiary electricity of the groupe émirati Taqa, reported lots 1 to 4 to Sidi Bennour and lot 5 to Kelaa Sraghna. The 5 projects have a capacity objective of 48 MW Chacun.

The Italian Renewable Energy Company, Enel Green Power Morocco, reported lots 6 to 9 on the Bejaad site, in the province of Khouribga (48 MW for chaque projet).

Amea Power, a renewable energy company based in Dubai, reported lots 10 and 11, respectively, to Taroudant and El Hajeb. Les deux projets ont a capacity objective of 48 MW chacun.

Finally, the French company Voltalia reported the deux derniers lots located in Guercif and Ain Beni Mathar in the province of Jerrada. The other projects have a production capacity of 48 MW and 69 MW respectively.

The choice of sites that accueilleront the photovoltaic projects in keeping with the adaptation to solar PV technology, accessibility, topography, environmental and social acceptability, even if there is no competition with other economic activities.

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