Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Les taux des crédits immobiliers n’en finissent plus de monter

The interest rates are étaient, toutes durées confondues, at 1.18% in March, according to the registers of the Observatoire Crédit Logement CSA. As of May-April, the provisional tax rate will remain at 1.22%.

“After the mois de janvier, l’augmentation des taux immobiliers s’est renforcée chaque mois”. L’Observatoire Crédit Logement CSA confirms, in effect, that on March, the taxes ont atteint 1.18%. At 15 years, ils resortent to 1.01%, at 20 years 1.13% and at 25 years 1.25%. As of May-April, the provisional tax is at the same 1.22%, only 16 base points (0.16 percentage point) after December 2021.

Dans le même temps, la durée moyenne des credits s’allonge. “She is still parvenue à des niveaux never observed by him passed”, specifies l’Observatoire. In the 1st quarter of 2022, the moyenne duration of prêts accordés is 241 mois. From 13.6 years in 2001 (163 months), it passed to 20.2 years in March 2022 (242 months).

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The name of prêts accordés recule

Crédit Logement CSA explains: “For a good part of the candidates for the accession to the property and the investisseurs in the location, one duration plus longue allows access to the bad credit and the consequences of the hausse des prix des logements et l’impact of the increase in the taux d’apport personnel required. D’ailleurs, l’allongement de la durée moyenne des crédits verified after September 2021 (+7 mois) overcompensated l’increase in the taux des credits accordés”.

Between the strict application of the recommendations of the Haut Conseil de stabilité financier (HCSF), the hausse des taux et le déclenchement de la guerre in Ukraine, the name of prêts accordés recules from 5.5% ce quarter, in glissement annuel par référence à 1st quarter 2021 déjà degradé. “On the other hand, the production of credit progressed by 2.1%, due to a return to the amounts of loans plus heaves, as a result of a more important personnel support and the price of logements in augmentation”, states the Observatory.

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